About us

YMCA is an independent consultancy company in the yachting sector, which provides its clients with maritime advice, focused particularly on fiscal aspects and customs and excise.

With our extensive knowledge of yachting and our network of maritime professionals, partners and specialist lawyers we help yacht owners and related parties to conform to European and notably French regulations.

Our unique expertise allows us to provide a tailored solution adapted to each yacht and owner with consideration to European and French regulations in the yachting sector.

Our objective is that yachting stays as a dream pastime for you and that you can relax in complete serenity and legality.


Thierry Voisin

Thierry Voisin was immersed in the world of yachting from a very young age. His career started at the heart of the family business at the Voisin shipyard at Villefranche sur Mer just next to Nice. After acquiring solid training and experience in the refit, repairs and construction of yachts, he created his own company providing yacht charter, sales brokerage and management. He joined MYBA (the Mediterranean Yacht Brokers Association – Of which he served as President from 2007 to 2008), and in 1993 he created ECPY (the European Committee for Professional Yachting), of which he is President to this day. He was one of the founders of the commercial yacht statutes that permitted considerable development in the fields of charter, construction, repairs and refits. For more than 20 years Thierry has been the intermediary between the customs authorities, the administrative organisations and the yachting industry throughout France and also Europe. For many years, Thierry Voisin has been a highly sought after advisor in the world of yachting. Recognized for his experience, his ability to react and his capacity to find fair and efficient solutions while avoiding legal percussions in the numerous and delicate cases which are presented to him.


Geraldine Veran has a trained background in business and law and has studied in London. She has a diverse range of professional experience in several countries including Algeria, Kazakhstan, Senegal and Macedonia. For more than 10 years she has worked alongside Thierry Voisin and has garnered a wealth of experience in the domain of yachting, especially in customs taxation. She has during this time established excellent relations with the relevant authorities and will guide you through the complexity of the current regulations. In 2014, Thierry Voisin created YMCA and confided the management to Geraldine Veran.